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ZELK Intelligent Control Device of Air Cooler in Transformer

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一、product overview
ZELK Intelligent Control Device of Air Cooler in Transformer is my company in the international and domestic large number of research results are summarized, and the user, design units developed on the basis of the opinions of the new intelligent device, the function, principle, reliability compared with traditional products manufacturers and other smart products, significant improvements throughout the whole transformer cooling system to realize the optimal control, reach the purpose of saving energy and extend the life of the radiator and practical, is a traditional transformer air-cooled control device of the ideal upgrade product.

二、Technical parameters.
3.1、Can control the cooler set number:2-8 group;
3.2、Modular structure design;
3.3、Each module configuration separate double power supply for each unit;
3.4、Control circuit power supply: DC220V;
3.5、Scope of application: applicable to all kinds of voltage grade of oil-immersed power transformer;
3.6、RS485 communication interface can be configured to upload data to the unit;
3.7、Working temperature: - 40 ℃ to 50 ℃。