Coal-fired Plant Series

ZEM800 Intelligent Control Device of DC Oil Pump Motor

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This device is suitable for all kinds of dc motor, stop the intelligent control, can realize dc motor stepless smooth start, keep up and running current always below the rated current of the motor, without any impact on the dc system and dc motor, fully ensure the safety of the dc motor and the dc system is reliable.Also reduces the requirement for dc power supply capacity, can save investment of dc system.
This device is mainly used in all kinds of dc oil pump control in coal-fired power plant, such as host, small machine dc lubricating oil pump, the hydrogen side and air side dc seal oil pump, etc., as a traditional control mode of updated products, it has the working principle of the advanced, safe and reliable, simple structure, low failure rate, convenient maintenance, etc.
This product has been in hundreds of systems inside and outside the plant run successfully, is the only international and domestic starting current can be controlled within the scope of the motor rated current of the manufacturers, have the technology certificate of invention patent.


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